if your smartphone hangs Frequently, Follow these simple tips

 if your smartphone hangs Frequently,  adopt these simple tips

                      It is normal for a smartphone to hang forefront frequently or slow down. The phone is new or old, it slows down in a few days. Due to which our necessary work stops. If the call is being received by the petitioner and your phone is hanging or if you can not receive the call because of the slow move, it will be a big boost.

We get angry by seeing such a smartphone, but they do not know what to do. We have a solution to your problem, why do you know why the hanging phone can be stopped.

Clear Cache Data

Clearing the catch data increases the speed of the phone. Because catch data also stops more space.

Learn how Catch data is cleaned
Go to the store and tap on the catch data. Then 'OK'. You can also clear your catch data by CCleaner.

Learn how to hang from your smartphone, your smartphone

Facebook Lite 

 Always launch the Facebook Light application on your smartphone, in fact Facebook also saves light data and does not allow the speed of the phone to slow down. Besides this, there is no difficulty in running the Facebook in the smartphone due to the slow Internet. The most battery used by Facebook and the speed of the phone is slowed. Facebook Lite is a better option. To always run the Facebook Lite app for Facebook in the smartphone.

Disable the image in the browser

If the site is slow while at the time of internet access, go to your browser to disable the image. Doing this will not slow the phone and the site will open quickly and the image will not appear. But be aware that by doing this, you can not only see the tax photo.

Opera Max

Opera Max is a good browser. With data control over data access, data speed also increases, and for this reason the phone is also fast working.

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if your smartphone hangs Frequently, Follow these simple tips
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