How to check Subsidy LPG cylinders ? Do this in check

Are you getting subsidized LPG cylinders? Do this in check

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Government subsidies on LPG cylinder. This money comes to your bank account a few days later. However, today there are some people who do not know whether money is coming into their account or not. Apart from this, they are not even aware that the money is being deposited in the account. Many people's subsidies are not deposited, so they do not even know about it. In such circumstances, you can check the subsidized subsidy on your cylinder online from your mobile.
check your Subsidy

Subsidy Checking Process :
1 First of all, call website and open it.
2 Now click on the photo of the company whose cylinder you take.
3 There will be a lot of options here, you have to click on the Audit Distributor.
4 You have selected your State, District and Distributor Agency Name.
5 Now, insert the security code and click on Proceed.
6 Now click the page below on Cash Consumption Transfer Details.
7 Click on Proceed by inserting Security Code here.
8 Your cylinder subsidy will be connected to the hotel.

If you do not get subsidized subsidized cylinders, you can also complain online. For this, going to, you can complain by going to your feedback online. Apart from this, 18002333555 can also be complied with toll free number. thanks for
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How to check Subsidy LPG cylinders ? Do this in check
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