108 GVK Gujarat Mobile App Launches Now

108 Gujarat Mobile App Launches GVK GUJARAT

108 Gujarat Mobile AppLaunches
Chief Minister Vijay Rupani launched a new 108-technology technology approach 108 mobile app in Gandhinagar.

108 Gujarat Mobile App Launches GVK GUJARAT Gujarat info

Since this mobile application is being operated, the information about the person seeking help of 108 will be protected from the time of getting the information of the incident by Late Loun to present the details of the incident in the nearest 108 ambulance service. Sense, Reach, Care, and 48 Hours Full Vulnerable Approach to Follow Up will provide emergency treatment for human life in immediate emergency.
Smartphone holders can download the ‘108 gujarat’ application for free on the Playstore, launched by the mainstream.

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108 Emergency Service Gujarat

The Government of Gujarat initiated to implement comprehensive emergency medical services in the state by introducing a fleet of ambulances to cater to entire state and provide emergency ambulance services free of cost to the people of Gujarat. This will not only facilitate the integrated emergency health care management but also help in adopting comprehensive emergency management protocols by providing appropriate Pre-hospital care in the ambulances and admitting the patients/ victims to the nearest government facility within shortest possible time while adhering to 'The Golden Hour' and the 'Platinum Ten Minutes'.
Emergency Medical Services were started in Gujarat with 14 ambulances on 29th August 2007 and with a full fleet of 585 Ambulances by the end of 2016 by providing one ambulance per average one lakh population.
Considering the present demand and popularity of 108 Emergency Services, Government of Gujarat has initiated Mobile Application for 108 Emergency Service. The service is operational and available 24x7 free of cost.

How to use:
1) Install 108 Gujarat Application.
2) Make sure your device is GPS & GPRS enabled while calling 108 Gujarat helpline.
3) Follow the registration process.
4) The user can then call on 108 helpline number by clicking on the 108 button.
5) On calling, user’s current position along with registration details will be transmitted at 108 Emergency Response Centre where the 108 associate will be able to see user’s current position in Google maps and on requirement can send nearest ambulance.
7) After assignment of Ambulance User will receive confirmation with the Case ID.
8) User can Track assigned Ambulance, Ambulance distance from the Caller location and Estimated Arrival Time of Ambulance by clicking on Track Ambulance.

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Download 108 Application
ST Bus Depo Inquiry Numbers Of Gujarat state All Stations

ST Bus Depo Inquiry Numbers Of Gujarat state All Stations

ST Bus Depo inquiry Numbers Of Gujarat state

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City Name/ Phone number
Gsrtc Inquiry No.

St Bus depot Phone No.
St Inquiry No.
St phone no. for All district

Bus Inquiry contact numbers
  • Aahwa    220030
  • Adajan Village 2765221
  • Ahmedabad - 1 079 25463360
  • Ahmedabad - 2 079 25463386
  • Ahmedabad - 3 079 25433396
  • Ahmedabad - 4 079 25463409
  • Ambaji 02749 262141
  • Amreli 02792 222158
  • Anand 02692 253293
  • Anjar 02836 242692 
  • Ankleshwar 02646 247030
  • Bagasara 02796 222061
  • Balasinor 02690 266026
  • Bantwa 02874 241444
  • Bardoli 02622 220188
  • Bareja 02718 3823221
  • Bariya 220271
  • Barvada 237450
  • Bavla 02714 3432827
  • Bayad 02779 222041
  • Becharaji 02734 286337
  • Bhachau 02837 224049
  • Bharuch 02642 260609
  • Bhavnagar 0278 2424147
  • Bhiloda 232022
  • Bhuj 02832 220002
  • Bilimora 02634 284414
  • Bodeli 220800
  • Borsad 02696 220028
  • Botad 02849 251420
  • Chalasma 02734 222060
  • Chandola 251420
  • Chandola 5463360
  • Chhota Udepur 02669 232054 
  • Chotila 02751 280313
  • Dabhoi 02663 256343
  • Decor 02699 244277
  • Dahod 02673 220043
  • Dehgam 02716 3632601
  • Dhanduka 02713 3323045
  • Dhangadhra 02754 262954
  • Dharampur 02633 242023
  • Dhari 02748 225040
  • Dhasa 02847 223044
  • Dholka 02714 3422576
  • Dhoraji 02824 221845
  • Dieodar 02735 244453
  • Disa 02743 221600
  • Dwarka 02892 234204
  • Edar 02778 250091
  • Gadhda 02847 253556
  • Gandhinagar 02711 3222842
  • Gariadhar 02843 250055
  • Godhra 02672 241923
  • Gondal 02825 220096
  • Halol 02672 220422
  • Hariz 02733 222065
  • Himmatnagar 02772 241233
  • Jambusar &
  • nbsp; 02644 220138
  • Jamjodhpur 02898 220098
  • Jamnagar 0288 2550270
  • Jasdan 02821 220220
  • Jetpur 02823 220116
  • Junagadh - 1 0285 2630303
  • Junagadh - 2 0285 2631226
  • Kadi 02764 242716
  • Kalol 02764 223113
  • Kapadvanj 02691 252816
  • Karjan 02668 232064
  • Keshod 02871 236016
  • Khambhadiya 02833 234772
  • Khambhat 02698 220242
  • Kheda 02694 222034
  • Khedbramha 02775 220044
  • Kheralu 02761 231027
  • Kodinar 02795 221398
  • Limbadi 02753 260083
  • Lunavad 02674 250001
  • Mahudha 2572526
  • Mahuva 02844 222217
  • Makarpura 2647204
  • Mandvi 02623 232544
  • Mangroad 02878 222093
  • Mansa 02763 270016
  • Matar 02694 285536
  • Mehsana 02762 251151
  • Modasa 02774 246239
  • Morbi 02822 230701
  • Mundra 02838 222125
  • Nadiad1 0268 2566411
  • Nadiad2 0268 2568965
  • Nakhtrana 02835 222129
  • Nalia 02831 222119
  • Nargol 0267223
  • Navsari1 02637 258976
  • Navsari 02637 254976
  • Padra 02662 222313
  • Palanpur 02742 252339
  • Palitana 02848 252168
  • Patan 02766 222222
  • Petlad 02697 224371
  • Porbandar 0286 2240959
  • Pratij 02770 230519
  • Radhanpur 02746 275388
  • Rajkot - 1 0281 2235025
  • Rajkot - 2 0281 2235026
  • Rajpipla 02640 220037
  • Rajula 02794 222070
  • Rapar 02830 220002
  • Santrampur 02675 220029
  • Savarkundla 02845 222626
  • Savli 02667 222827
  • Shihor 02846 222174
  • Siddhpur 02667 220314
  • Surat City 0261 2426972
  • Surat Village - 1 0261 2443288
  • Surat Village - 2 0261 2422006
  • Surendranagar 02752 221152
  • Talaja 02842 222054
  • Talod 02776 220687
  • Tarapur 02698 255627
  • Tharad 02737 220314
  • Una 02875 221600
  • myshixan
  • Upleta 02826 221449
  • Uza 02767 253565
  • Vadnagar 02732 222054
  • Vadodara City 0265 2793887 
  • Vadodara Village 0265 2794700
  • Vallabhipur 02842 244465
  • Valsad 02632 244161
  • Vapi 0260 2465731
  • Vasad 02693 274205
  • Veraval 02876 221666
  • Vijapur 02763 220014
  • Viramgam 02715 3533233
  • Visnagar 02765 231330
  • Wakaner 02828 220558
  • Zaghadia 220031
  • Zalod 02679 22415

Smartphones can also charge a laptop from closed laptops, follow this steps

Smartphones can also charge a laptop from closed laptops, at one click

Do you know that you can charge mobile phones from a closed computer or a laptop? Some of you do not know about this. Sometimes the battery of the phone is lost. But the laptop is charged. But there is no point in keeping the laptop without working. Let's tell you today how to charge mobile with closed laptops.
tips info site

- Go to 'My Computer' on your computer or laptop. Now go to File Manager. Now click on the tick or 'Properties' of the top left corner.
- Now click on 'Device Manager' in the window opened in front of the control.
- Clicking on the device manager will open a window with a device manager in front of you. They will see a lot of options. Click on 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers' appearing in it.

Now a new window will open in front of which a box of properties of 'USB Root Hub' will open. In this you will see the last 'Power Management' visible in the end. Gujarat information

- Then the option of 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save the power' will be pre-ticked, then delete it and click OK. Now you can easily charge mobile through a mobile USB cable even when a laptop or computer stops.

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Never make such mistakes, otherwise the mobile phone battery will be screwed very fast.

Never make such mistakes, otherwise the mobile phone's battery will be screwed.

Do not even mistake errors, otherwise the battery will turn out to be worse www.tipsinfosite.com

The biggest problem in smartphones is its low battery. However, our way of charging smartphones determines how much battery life will be. Here we are going to tell you some of your mistakes that people especially do. This also damages the battery.

mobile tricks

- Always charge a smartphone with a charger coming with it. If you charge from another charger, it has a bad effect on the smartphone's battery.

- Remove your phone's cover before charging. Sometimes the charger pin can not be plugged properly due to the cover. Charging apart, the phone also gets hot.

Never charge a smartphone all night in charging. Over-charging decreases battery life. It is not fair to always charge the phone at 100%. Try to turn 80-90% off at charging. www.tipsinfosite.com

- Avoid third-party fast charging apps to save batteries in the phone. This app is constantly running in the background. This makes the battery more accessible.

- Put the phone on charge when it has at least 20% battery remaining. The battery can have a bad effect on it without being down. Always use the powerbank that is suitable for your battery. tips info site




Step 1: Your Personal Details
                     If you have Enrollment ID (enrollment number and date-time of enrollemnt), then fill in your details like enrolment, date time of enrolment, your full name, your Pin Code, the captcha code (image text) and your mobile number in the respective fields and click on the ‘Get One Time Password’ button. You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on the mobile number you just entered. This is essential for verification process.

4.(b). If you know your Aadhaar Number then select the radio button put in front of ‘Aadhaar’ (second radio button on the second line yellow in colour). Then fill in your Aadhaar number, full name, Pin Code and the captcha code (image text) in the respective fields and click on the ‘Get One Time Password’ button. You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on the registered mobile number. This is essential for verification process.

Step 2: Enter OTP Received and Download your E-Aadhaar
5. Type the OTP you received on your mobile and click on ‘Validate & Download’ button.

6. After that you will be provided with a link to download your E-Aadhaar letter (in PDF format) and to open it you will need to enter your ‘Pincode’ as the password.

You can then take the printout of that letter and use it for various services.

Since Aadhaar is a unique 12-digit number and serves the purpose of establishing identity, the downloaded version of your Aadhaar letter is as valid as the one you received via post. The digital signature on the e-Aadhaar letter validates it as an acceptable proof at all those places where Aadhar card can be used. Many people questions about the Aadhar card downloading process and the most common they ask is what the ‘resident name’ is? Well this is not a complex field and we would like to tell all our users that the ‘Resident Name’ is the person name who has enrolled for Aadhaar. Typing correct name as printed on your acknowledgement slip will prevent you from getting into any kind of trouble. The second most asked question is how to open the password protected E Aadhar card. Answer to this question is also very simple and the user needs to enter the ‘Pincode’ of his residential address and the same can also be found on the acknowledgement slip. Hello friends On this website you will be provided all information like primary education, competitive exams and current trends. Keep visiting our website regularly. Pravinsinh Solanki thanks for visit www.tipsinfosite.com

We would also like to inform our users that there are only 3 attempts to download Aadhar card so we suggest our users to be very careful while downloading their Aadhar card. One more recommendation from us is that follow above pointed steps only when your Internet connection is reliable and fast as Internet connectivity failure can also pose difficulties for you. Last but not the least is that never publish or give your enrollment and personal details on any unofficial website as it can risk to your privacy.  tips info site in Gujarat information.

Hello friends On this website you will be provided all information like primary education, competitive exams and current trends. Keep visiting our website regularly.

How to check Subsidy LPG cylinders ? Do this in check

Are you getting subsidized LPG cylinders? Do this in check

Utility Desk:
Government subsidies on LPG cylinder. This money comes to your bank account a few days later. However, today there are some people who do not know whether money is coming into their account or not. Apart from this, they are not even aware that the money is being deposited in the account. Many people's subsidies are not deposited, so they do not even know about it. In such circumstances, you can check the subsidized subsidy on your cylinder online from your mobile.

check your Subsidy

Subsidy Checking Process :
1 First of all, call www.mylpg.in website and open it.
2 Now click on the photo of the company whose cylinder you take.
3 There will be a lot of options here, you have to click on the Audit Distributor.
4 You have selected your State, District and Distributor Agency Name.
5 Now, insert the security code and click on Proceed.
6 Now click the page below on Cash Consumption Transfer Details.
7 Click on Proceed by inserting Security Code here.
8 Your cylinder subsidy will be connected to the hotel.

If you do not get subsidized subsidized cylinders, you can also complain online. For this, going to www.mylpg.in, you can complain by going to your feedback online. Apart from this, 18002333555 can also be complied with toll free number. thanks for www.tipsinfosite.com
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photo editing app download for android phone

photo editing app download for android phone

Photo Editor is a small but powerful photo editing application many functions available in this app, photo editor software free download for android mobile

Photo Editor is a small but powerful photo editing application.
If you have some knowledge of photography, you can do a lot with Photo Editor.
Hello friends On this website you will be provided all information like primary education, competitive exams and current trends. Keep visiting our website regularly.
Now use Photo Editor to edit photos on your mobile phone just like you would on a PC.

* Color : exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint and hue
* Curves & Levels : fine-tuning of colors
* Effects : gamma correction, auto contrast, auto tone, vibrance, blur, sharpen, oil paint, sketch, black & white high contrast, sepia, and more
* Adding text, images or shapes
* Frame, Denoise, Drawing, Pixel, Clone, Cut Out
* Rotation, Straighten, Crop, Resize
* Corrections : perspective, lens, red-eye, white balance and backlight
* Easily edit with the touch and pinch-to-zoom interface
* Save images in JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP and PDF
* View, edit, or delete Metadata (EXIF, IPTC, XMP)
* Save your final result to your gallery, as wallpaper, or on your SD card
* Share photos with e-mail, SNS and more
* Batch, Crop(Puzzle), Compress to ZIP, Create PDF, Animated GIF
* Webpage Capture, Video Capture, PDF Capture(Lollipop+)
* Ad-free option is available (Settings > Purchase Items)

Hello friends On this website you will be provided all information like primary education, competitive exams and current trends. Keep visiting our website regularly.
Application:- Click Here Download
 if your smartphone hangs Frequently,  Follow these simple tips

if your smartphone hangs Frequently, Follow these simple tips

 if your smartphone hangs Frequently,  adopt these simple tips

                      It is normal for a smartphone to hang forefront frequently or slow down. The phone is new or old, it slows down in a few days. Due to which our necessary work stops. If the call is being received by the petitioner and your phone is hanging or if you can not receive the call because of the slow move, it will be a big boost.

We get angry by seeing such a smartphone, but they do not know what to do. We have a solution to your problem, why do you know why the hanging phone can be stopped.

Clear Cache Data

Clearing the catch data increases the speed of the phone. Because catch data also stops more space.

Learn how Catch data is cleaned
Go to the store and tap on the catch data. Then 'OK'. You can also clear your catch data by CCleaner.

Learn how to hang from your smartphone, your smartphone

Facebook Lite 

 Always launch the Facebook Light application on your smartphone, in fact Facebook also saves light data and does not allow the speed of the phone to slow down. Besides this, there is no difficulty in running the Facebook in the smartphone due to the slow Internet. The most battery used by Facebook and the speed of the phone is slowed. Facebook Lite is a better option. To always run the Facebook Lite app for Facebook in the smartphone.

Disable the image in the browser

If the site is slow while at the time of internet access, go to your browser to disable the image. Doing this will not slow the phone and the site will open quickly and the image will not appear. But be aware that by doing this, you can not only see the tax photo.

Opera Max

Opera Max is a good browser. With data control over data access, data speed also increases, and for this reason the phone is also fast working.

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Latest Study Materials All In One Ebook File. Use for all competitive exam. 

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I have some very useful and some PDF files that seem to work in every test have been put here to help you. You can download it as per your requirement and read it on mobile only.

Gujarati Loknrutyo : Download
First Indian Womens : Download
Mahagujarat Andolan : Download
All in One of Angel Academy(643 pages): Download
All in one of Astha Academy(1817 pages): Download
All in One of Anamika Academy : Download
ICE Bharat ni Bhugod (Demo Book): Download
Computer by World Inbox Academy: Download
All Exam Syllabus : Download
What is bailiff (IMP for Bailiff Mains): Download
Impeachment Against CJI: Download
Bharat nu Bandharan by Madhav Library: Download
Computer by Madhav Library: Download
Ganit by Madhav Library: Download
Gujarat ni payani jankari by Madhav Library: Download
Gujarati Bhugod by Madhav Library: Download
Gujarati Vyakran & Sahitya by Madhav Library: Download
Kaydakiy Babato by Madhav Library: Download
Samaj-Shastra by Madhav Library: Download
Vignan by Madhav Library: Download
Samaj Kalyan by ICE : Download
ICE Gujarat Culture (Demo Book): Download
Homerule by GK Master: Download

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Find Another Person's Live Location In This Way.

         welocme to www.tipsinfosite.com,  Hello friends On this website you will be provided all information like primary education, competitive exams and current trends. Keep visiting our website regularly. thanks for visit www.tipsinfosite.com It is not easy to know the location of any person and it is very difficult to know the live location. But and you are going to tell you about an application tips info site that will help you easily find the live location of anybody's phone. Even if your phone is lost, you can easily see your phone's location. Let's know how you can get the phone's live location.

        First of all, you have to install an application on your smartphone. The name of this application is GPS tracker Follow me After installing this application, you will have to register in this app. It is worth mentioning that this application needs to be tracked in the phone to be tracked. tipsinfosite You can not track if this application is not on the phone.

           After installing this app you will see many options if you open the app. Here you have to go to settings. Now a new pad will open. The new user registration option will be available at the top. Click on it. Here you will have to place a user name, password and email id as soon as you click. Now click on Quintu. Now a new page will open. Let the track interval one minute here, so that the rate of phone will be available for every minute. Then save it. Now the location of the phone you want to know is available every minute.
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